Monday, December 26, 2011

Limited Edition Divine Sweetness Christmas Ornaments Brooch. Miniature Handmade Polymer Clay Food Jewelry

The "ber" month's  almost over

This limited edition Christmas brooch 

Can be used as a garment brooch, or even as a bag brooch!

In it are some beautiful and sparkly charms with faux diamonds. Add to that, my handmade gingerbread man and Christmas cupcake... and you got a yourself a Merry Christmas...

Pin is a very sturdy piece. Length of pin is 2"

Feeling Artsy?!

Why not create an Arts and Craft Party for your little ones?

* Little Art Kits for the Creative minds...

* Labels for the Push Pop Dessert

* Colorful Treats 

* Make a statement! 

To order customized CLICK HERE

Friday, December 9, 2011

Tangled with Ideas...

Invites variation we have for Tangled party

Loot bags can be just as pretty with a simple detail like this...

...or you can also use them as gift tags, cupcake toppers

We also have water bottle labels to go with this theme…

…and a Flynn Rider to go with your Tangled character


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