Monday, May 16, 2011

Summer Feature: Good Enough to Eat Earrings

It is a wee bit cold for Spring and I can't wait for Summer that is just around the corner...

Acessorize yourself with a miniature triple scooped ice cream earrings complete with a waffle cone for a unique "SUMMER" statement.... 

* * * * *

Words from Divine Sweetness

Triple Delight Ice Cream Dangle Earrings

A wonderfully detailed gourmet ice cream, made to look like the real thing! And I am so pleased with the results of how the cone came out.

Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavored ice cream scooped in a crunchy sugar cone, topped with fresh strawberry slices and strawberry sauce. Next thing you know, the ice cream's gonna start melting.. But no, this little sweetness is handmade by me in polymer clay. Thus, it will stay that pretty forever.

Size of ice cream itself is 1 1/2" tall. Hangs almost 2 1/2" from the ear. Definite attention grabber! =)

Size of this earring is also perfect for taller ladies. I am a petite girl, but it looks perfectly good on me as well.

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