Saturday, May 14, 2011

Spotted! Vanican's Gossip Girl Inspired Christmas Dinner

We did the Gossip Girl Christmas Inspired Theme last December 2010.

* The Invites

Invites may be ordered as well just click on the REQUEST CUSTOM link below.

* The Christmassy Invites/ Placecard

* By the Box... Placecard for each guests

For the Digital file, we can make up to 12 individual names of each guest with their initials to make it more personal... You can use this attached to candy canes which we did for a Christmas Party or attached to a Wine glass for a cocktail party...

* Menu and Sign

Menu Reference is a good touch to add to any table.

* Plate Design

* Table Setting

To Order Digital Copy CLICK HERE

If you want us to print them and for other label additions

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