Monday, May 16, 2011

Summer Feature: Good Enough to Eat Earrings

It is a wee bit cold for Spring and I can't wait for Summer that is just around the corner...

Acessorize yourself with a miniature triple scooped ice cream earrings complete with a waffle cone for a unique "SUMMER" statement.... 

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Words from Divine Sweetness

Triple Delight Ice Cream Dangle Earrings

A wonderfully detailed gourmet ice cream, made to look like the real thing! And I am so pleased with the results of how the cone came out.

Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavored ice cream scooped in a crunchy sugar cone, topped with fresh strawberry slices and strawberry sauce. Next thing you know, the ice cream's gonna start melting.. But no, this little sweetness is handmade by me in polymer clay. Thus, it will stay that pretty forever.

Size of ice cream itself is 1 1/2" tall. Hangs almost 2 1/2" from the ear. Definite attention grabber! =)

Size of this earring is also perfect for taller ladies. I am a petite girl, but it looks perfectly good on me as well.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Clowning Around by MaiseysDaiseys

The First Treasury we got into... and I hope not the last :)

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 2 in 1 Party

A party isn't about how much is spent but on how much love was put into the details that makes up that party...

Having both my kids born in December, it was quite practical to have a Unisex theme birthday for both of them than have it separately and invite same sets of guests 2 weeks apart.

It was a fun journey making the party with Kimi... It was also a good way to build up her excitement towards the date of the party...

For the Invites, we decided to do it handmade just to make it more personal. We bought foam sheets in red and black, made a template of the Mickey ears in black, the pouch in red and the button? we made use of the cardstock and just punch out mickey ears to complete the look. These invites are now available on my site.

We made a few of these invites for our close friends and those with kids.

We also made another kind of invites which we handed to those we seldom see. You see, one year birthdays are a big celebration in our culture so this was considered a big party for a kid. This was also a practical way since most of these invites were sent via snail mail. 

* Invitations

I love how these envelopes imitates the dots in Minnie's bow. We close each envelopes with a small Mickey cardstock. 
I believe that the invitations are the first impression to a party
* The Menu

We catered for the event just so to take the pressure off our hands, we made sure to list down all the dishes and put them at the start of the buffet table just to brief each guests and add a whimsical element as well.

* Cutlery need not be boring...

These cute napkin ring holders also goes with the menu at the front of the buffet and makes a good conversation piece for the guest while they are lining up to get their foods.

* Quench your thirst with this colorful water bottles

We also made some Water bottle labels to compliment our theme. I guess the water bottle label was so attractive that the pop got left behind because the guests preferred to drink water instead. We had to keep on replenishing the water.

* Kenzo's Birthday Cupcake

I got a friend of mine to do the cupcake cake for us. She did a wonderful job and the cupcake was really good too...

* Kimi's Cupcake Birthday Cake

* Mickey Pinata

* Loot Bags for the Kiddos

Loot bags must also be attractive and I wanted something transparent so that they can see all the Disney loots they are going to take home after the party.

* Some Ferreros for the Adults who has a sweet tooth

We also made something sweet for the adult. Ferrero Rocher free for picking and a basket with characters from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse which also doubles as a decor for the table.

* Candy Pie wedge for Adults to take home

We didn't end up with just the Ferreros, we also made some transparent candy wedge with Candy toppers for guests to take home as a thank you gift.

We rented a cotton candy machine specially for the party, we made a sign to complement the rest of the party.

* The Sign for Kimi's Cotton Candy Station

All the printed materials and Ferrero basket toppers may be ordered

* Balloon Centerpieces for each tables

* Mickey Head Balloons

* Minnie Head Balloons

* Birthday Girl with the Life size Mickey and Minnie

* Birthday Girl Kimi and Minnie Mouse

* Clownn and Balloonist 

* Birthday Boy Kenzo

Cupcake/ Cake: Gyneth Young
Photo Credits: Stevenson Dy
Candy Pie Wedge/ Transparent Pails: Oriental Trading
Candies: Walmart
Dress: Amacim 
Boy Ensemble: Sears

Spotted! Vanican's Gossip Girl Inspired Christmas Dinner

We did the Gossip Girl Christmas Inspired Theme last December 2010.

* The Invites

Invites may be ordered as well just click on the REQUEST CUSTOM link below.

* The Christmassy Invites/ Placecard

* By the Box... Placecard for each guests

For the Digital file, we can make up to 12 individual names of each guest with their initials to make it more personal... You can use this attached to candy canes which we did for a Christmas Party or attached to a Wine glass for a cocktail party...

* Menu and Sign

Menu Reference is a good touch to add to any table.

* Plate Design

* Table Setting

To Order Digital Copy CLICK HERE

If you want us to print them and for other label additions

Friday, May 13, 2011

May Etsy Coupon Codes

I'd like to compile everything about etsy here in one place.

Bear with me if this looks bare as I have just started...

Anyone loves a good deal and I need your help...

Link your sale!


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